What is TriScience

Sports science is a continually developing field with plenty of useful information. But this can be difficult to access for many, and it is also difficult to extract which information is useful. Specific triathlon research is rather rare due to the complication of three different disciplines. TriScience aims to bring you the current science relevant to endurance athletes in an easy to read format. While the blog is written from a triathletes perspective, most of the contents can be applied to individual endurance sports and other multisport formats also.
We welcome suggestions and requests for topics in order to answer all the questions you have, whether you are just starting out on the triathlon journey, or are in it for the long haul with experience under your belt. There is always something to learn from this exciting sport.

About our writers

Principal writer – Anna is a long distance triathlete and self confessed science geek. She has competed in all distances of triathlon but is best suited to the longer distances and has represented New Zealand for long distance and Iron distance at age group level.

Anna has a strong background in science with a Bachelor of Science with Honours (First Class) at the University of Auckland and a PhD in Injury Prevention Biomechanics from Auckland University of Technology. She has a good working knowledge of physiology, biomechanics, biochemistry, organic chemistry, genetics, and cell biology. Anna currently works as a teacher of Anatomy and Physiology at tertiary level. Anna has worked as a personal trainer and coach, coaching a number of people to marathon, half marathon and all distances of triathlon goals. She wishes to establish triscience as a reputable source of valuable information for triathletes by improving the accessibility of sports science and reducing the confusion that today’s media driven society generates surrounding topics such as nutrition, training, equipment, injury and everything in between.


Guest writers

Triscience welcomes contributions from guest writers who are experts in their field. We aim to bring you the most reputable information available. So if we don’t know the answer we will find someone who does!

Chief Editor – Cara is studying criminology and so while she is highly academic and for some strange reason gets excited about proof reading, she is not so much science inclined. All blog posts will be proof read by Cara and anything that she doesn’t understand will be flagged for rewriting. In this way we hope to produce something that can be understood by everyone.


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